Welcome to the new generation screenshots

Precise and awesome screenshots of any shape they might be.

Precise screenshots

Screenshaper allows you to draw any shape on your screen and take a precise screenshot. The app enables you to place points of the shape anywhere on your screen and outline an area that you want to capture. The special draw tool also allows you to make curves, ovals or even combine lines and curves together.

Default and custom shapes

Screenshaper offers default shapes for outstanding screenshots. Just choose a shape from the offered menu and make your unique screenshot in seconds.

Simply draw your own custom shape and save it for the future use. You will be able to make screenshots of the same shape for different backgrounds.

Great for projects

Screenshaper creates a transparent background around the shape that you capture. So you can use your awesome screenshots for presentations, documents, websites or ebooks. Images with transparent background look great and do not overlay other elements in the project.

Quick Screenshot

Quick Screenshot function allows the user to make a hand-draw screenshot of any shape in a second. It is a lightning-fast tool for drawing some irregular and unique forms on your screen.