Welcome to the new professionally designed logos.

Get a perfect logo fast and easily with your own editable logo designs.

Your Logo is your visual ID

A good logo can say or show the main things about you. A dream logo for your business could be a key element for the success. If you want to be noticed among the competitors, Logo Store app is right for you. It lets you choose a professionally designed logo in seconds.

Create an outstanding and professional logo easily.

Everyone wants the perfect result right here and right now. We’ve spent lots of hours while bringing to perfection this logo-creating and editing app, so that you could get the superb logo in minutes. Save time and concentrate on your work instantly.

Customization and much more…

You can use each logo as it is. Write your slogan and that’s it. Additionally, you can customize every logo as you need. Each logo is made using separate layers. Colors, gradients, shadows and opacity of every layer can be changed or added lightning-fast and easily. Shape transformation, perspective and much more tools could bring even better results.

Do a little bit more and get much more.

The primary function of the app is choosing or creating logo fast and easily. Logos are vectors, so resize them easily without losing the quality. Use the logo on your social media pictures, banners and covers. Use them on business cards, envelopes, letters, emails, flyers or even on huge screens and billboards.